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We started a podcast!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Doesn't it sometimes seem like the world has gone mad?

As humans we are being challenged on many fronts: from global, political and relational conflicts, to media censorship and polarization, to individual freedoms being questioned. You may be wondering what the hell is actually going on! And how do you know what the truth is?

Today we introduce you to our brand-new podcast: The Compassionate Self Podcast, where we explore the big questions of life. We delve into topics such as personal growth, spirituality, philosophy and how to cultivate inner peace in a world full of chaos. We take on some of life's harder questions: How do we stay sane in an ever changing world? Where does all this suffering coming from? How do we free ourselves, and overcome our personal and collective traumas? Join Sarah Dekker, Nic Burnand and Jacqueline du Plessis in these unscripted contemplations on life.

Listen on the web on Spotify or on your favorite podcast player.

Episode 1 is titled What the Actual F*ck? is has been released, and in it we explore some powerful topics like toxic choices, power dynamics and evolution.

Listen to episode one, and let us know what you think!


Update October 2021: While the 12 week registration deadline for 2021 has closed, we will have two opportunities in 2022 for those interested to join us for future rounds. Please be in touch with us if you want to be on the waitlist for 2022. Contact us.

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