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Dyad Meditation

Cultivating Loving Kindness and Connection

Experience the unfolding mystery of existence as you meet yourself and others with loving kindness and compassion through Dyad meditation. A powerful practice that can transform your perception of self and others.

Research conducted by the ReSource project has shown that just 10 minutes of daily Dyads can have a profound impact on social connection, reducing feelings of loneliness and fostering a sense of belonging.

The Dyad enquiry process is a simple yet transformative technique that opens hearts and minds to new levels of awareness. This form of meditation is practiced in pairs, with each pair engaging in a 40-minute session. The focus is on exploring a specific enquiry question together, witnessing and sharing what arises, and listening openly to your Dyad partner.

At Compassionate Self, we offer Dyad intensive retreats where you can fully immerse yourself in this practice. These immersive experiences provide a supportive and nurturing environment to deepen your understanding of self and awaken to your true essence.

Join us at one of our retreats to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and personal growth through the power of Dyad meditation. You could also have a look at our free short video course explaining the process.


“The realisation: I am allowed to be there, I am allowed to show myself with a smile and a tear. Thank you for the guidance! This retreat was palpable proof for me “my path is mine to walk, AND I don’t have to walk it alone”. 

Nele Mestdagh

“I experienced Nic and Sarah’s guidance as clear, soft & comfortable in a strong and solid way. Which gave me the opportunity to go deep, relax, let go, feel openness, love and most of all great joy.”

Petra van Hauwaert

“The Dyad retreat with Sarah and Nic brought me to a surprisingly deep silence. After the retreat, I felt more space to remain calm in situations and to react from a more relaxed place.”

Stijn van Hulle

“I want to thank you both for the retreat. For your expertise and professionalism, and the clarity with which you provided the information and instructions. That brought incredible peace and clarity to me and allowed me to surrender in confidence and flow of the day and all the dyads brought. For safety too, thanks in part to your loving and open presence. And then I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful surroundings in autumn colours, and the pure food, both so welcome and supportive of the process of slowing down and getting closer to myself.”

Liesbeth Fivez

“This retreat reminded me of what is essential to me. Nic and Sarah created the opportunity to remind us of who we really are. I encountered myself and the other participants in many ways and I am very grateful for that. I feel deeply nourished.”

Hilde van Gool

Free Dyad Course


Are you curious to learn more about Dyad meditation?

Click here to find out more and sign up for our free video course.

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