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Ways to contribute

As much as possible we offer our work as a gift. Much love, energy and time go into creating blogs, videos, resources,  courses and offering personal support. We aim to make our work accessible to all, forever in service of contributing to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.  This is a balancing act, figuring out how to care for everyone's needs, including our own. Should you feel moved to contribute to our efforts, we very much appreciate financial support. If things are financially tight for you, please do not give us money, but rather find another way below to give.

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Financial contributions (not tax-deductible) can be made via PayPal

or via bank transfer to 

Nicholas Burnand

IBAN BE11 3631 3474 3548 


Alternatively, select an amount below for a credit card payment.

Spread the word

Who else in your community would benefit from our offerings?  Recommend our events, courses and coaching via social media, and tell your friends and family about it.

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Send us Feedback

We love hearing which needs of yours were met, and which areas could be fine-tuned. We like to connect with your experience and to celebrate along the way.

We welcome your written and video testimonials to inspire others to join us.

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Gifts of Time & Talent

We sometimes receive offers of time and talents. This is wonderful, although sometimes it is a challenge putting these talents to use in a coherent fashion. If you’d like to offer a gift of time and talent, please contact us through the following form so we know a bit more about your interests and can find you when we have something available!

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Gift of Time & Talent

Which best describe the types of gifts you'd like to offer?

Thanks for submitting!

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