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Guided Psychedelic Journeys

safe psilocybin journeys with therapeutic IFS coaching

Integrating Transformation with Inner Exploration


If you're reading this page, there's a part of you that may be interested or curious about using psychedelics therapeutically. We understand your curiosity and are here to guide you on this transformative path.

At Compassionate Self we offer a unique approach to psychedelic assisted journeys by integrating them with Internal Family Systems coaching.

Psychedelic assisted journeys combine the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances with professional guidance and support. These substances, such as psilocybin-containing truffles, have been used for centuries and are known for their profound effects on consciousness and personal growth. Psilocybin truffles, often referred to as magic truffles, are a natural source of psilocybin, a psychoactive compound that can induce altered states of consciousness and promote introspection and healing.

At Compassionate Self, we believe that psychedelic assisted therapy can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. These experiences can provide access to deep insights, expanded perspectives, and the potential for profound personal transformation. When combined with the therapeutic framework of Internal Family Systems coaching, the process becomes even more supportive and integrative.

By combining the power of psychedelics with Internal Family Systems coaching, we provide a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery. Whether you're seeking fundamental life changes, a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, or simply yearning for personal growth, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Discover our Programs with Psilocybin Truffles:

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Individual Sessions

Get the best out of your journey into the subconscious in a private retreat tailored to you.

Includes preparation and integration coaching sessions, truffle ceremony facilitation.

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Session for Two

Our journeys for two are an opportunity for you to connect with yourself as well as deepen your relationship with a special person in your life. This could be your partner, a family member or a close friend.

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Weekend Group Retreat

Awaken your inner wisdom and discover more about yourself while journeying with a small group. (Max 9 participants)

A deeply personal experience of self-discovery and healing.

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Find out more...

Psychedelic Therapy and Inner Healing: Explore Our YouTube Playlist


Discover captivating videos in our carefully curated YouTube playlist. Delve into the world of psychedelic therapy, the health benefits of psilocybin, Internal Family Systems, and rediscovering your Compassionate Self. Gain valuable insights on this transformative journey. Immerse yourself in our enlightening playlist today.

Embark on a transformative journey guided by experienced professionals who are dedicated to your well-being and growth. Trust in our safe, curated, legal, and professional services that utilize the supportive potential of psychedelic assisted therapy.


Prepare to explore the depths of your being and awaken to a new understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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