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My Journey with Psilocybin Guided by Nic and Sarah

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery through a psilocybin journey in December 2022, guided by the compassionate duo of Nic and Sarah. The experience was not just therapeutic; it was a profound exploration of my inner world and a testament to the power of trust and support.

Preparation and Intention-Setting Before the psychedelic voyage began, Nic and Sarah took the time to understand my intentions and expectations. Preparations started a couple of weeks in advance with a session on Zoom to explore what my intentions might be for the whole process. I didn't have any clear intentions and decided in the end just to see what came up for me, trusting that it would be something useful and healing for me.

During this virtual session, Nic introduced me to the methodology of Internal Family Systems, a novel approach that added an intriguing dimension to the process. As various thoughts and feelings surfaced, Nic skillfully identified the different "parts" of me that were speaking and seeking acknowledgment. This introspection laid the foundation for the upcoming psilocybin experience.

The Psilocybin Journey Begins The day of the psilocybin journey arrived, and I was welcomed into Nic and Sarah's space. We commenced with a second Internal Family Systems session, further deepening our understanding of my inner world. Nic, ever mindful of my comfort, allowed me the autonomy to choose the dosage of the psilocybin, ensuring that I felt in control.

A cozy day-bed, adorned with quilts and soft lighting, awaited me. We gathered around a low coffee table, and the ceremony commenced with the evocative words of a Rumi poem, beautifully recited by Sarah. Guided breathing exercises followed, setting the stage for the ingestion of the psilocybin truffles. Once we completed an intention-setting ritual I ingested the truffles and relaxed on the bed. We engaged in conversation as we awaited the effects, which took around 20 minutes to manifest.

The Journey Unfolds Throughout my journey, Nic and Sarah remained steadfast companions. Their presence was a reassuring anchor, especially when the visions and sensory experiences became intense. In moments when I felt adrift in my own perceptual world, the sight of their supportive faces was a lifeline to reality. Holding their hands provided a sense of security and connection during the most challenging moments.

As the psilocybin's effects ebbed and flowed, I traversed various stages of my life, from infancy to childhood. The archetypes of mother and father played a pivotal role in this exploration. Having both a woman and a man to represent my ideal parents during this time was profoundly meaningful. Sarah's warmth and loving acceptance offered comfort, while Nic's steady presence filled the void I had longed to bridge with my own father.

Return to Reality

Gradually, I reintegrated into everyday reality, with Nic's assistance. I remained passive for the rest of the evening, as Sarah and Nic prepared a nourishing soup, ending my day-long fast. Before departing, we engaged in a debrief and a final Internal Family Systems session.

The psilocybin journey was undoubtedly challenging, but what stood out was the unwavering support and dedication of Nic and Sarah. They created a safe and accepting space for me, tending to my every need from beginning to end. My gratitude for this profound experience knows no bounds.

In the realm of psilocybin therapy, Nic and Sarah are true guides, offering not just a journey but a profound opportunity for healing and self-discovery.

Graham Timmins, Stroud, England. March 2023


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