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Psychedelic Weekend Retreat
in the Netherlands 

Friday 6pm to Sunday 1pm

Awaken your inner wisdom and discover more about yourself while journeying with a small group.

(Max 9 participants)

A deeply personal experience of self-discovery and healing.


What does the program entail?

The program is a journey that includes preparatory calls, a weekend retreat including a truffle ceremony, integration sessions and group support.

What is included

✔ Personal 30-minute online intake session

✔ Personal online 90-minute preparation and coaching session

✔ Experienced team to support you

✔ 2 x Breathwork sessions

✔ Parts mapping exercise

✔ Sharing circle and intention setting

✔ Magic psilocybin truffle journey (plant medicine)

✔ All meals: Fresh and light vegetarian meals, snacks and tea

✔ Two nights of accommodation in a comfortable shared room

✔ Closing sharing circle

✔ Post-retreat online group integration session

✔ Individual 90-minute online integration session after the event

De tinusboom dining.jpg

De Tinusboom

Our weekend takes place at De Tinusboom Retreat Centre in the Netherlands.

You are welcome to relax in the dining area or sit in one of the little nooks in the attractive garden.


The garden has an unobstructed view of the adjacent estate and a pond which is in open connection with the river Alm. It is a place where you can come home, explore and reconnect with your core.

De tinusboom outside.jpg
De tinusboom double.jpg

A Comprehensive Program

for meaningful change

Our psilocybin truffle  ceremonies are part of a comprehensive program that goes beyond the psychedelic journey itself. We provide you with the tools and resources for meaningful change and support your integration of the insights and experiences gained during the session into your daily life.

Before the Weekend Retreat

Intake & individual coaching 

We hold individual 30-minute online intake meetings with each participant, to answer any questions, and manage expectations. We will offer some pointers to support you as you start preparing for your journey.

We will meet together for a personal 90-minute one-on-one preparation and orientation session. We will share some information regarding dosages and support you to decide on the dosage that is perfect for your needs. The balance of the time will be spent in a personal guided parts process.



  • 18:00 Arrival drinks

  • Dinner

  • Opening circle and Q&A


Ceremony Day

  • Light breakfast

  • Morning circle

  • Parts mapping

  • Body movement

  • Soothing breathwork session

  • Ceremonial ritual

  • Psilocybin truffle journey

  • Organic vegetarian dinner



  • Breakfast

  • Cacao meditation

  • Biodynamic breathwork session

  • Community check-out circle & preparation for the outside world.

  • 13:00 Departure

Post Retreat

Our vision is that integration and preparation are as important as the psychedelic journey itself.

After the retreat, we invite you to join an online group check-in circle, to connect and share your experiences. We will also set up a time for another individual 90-minute coaching session to support you in integrating any changes and insights that you have had. This way we ensure you anchor your experience and benefit more from the wisdom that arose during your journey.



Our psychedelic retreats take place in the Netherlands where psilocybin truffles are legal. 

The venue is in a quiet location in a natural setting. The rooms are comfortable.

You will feel right at home!

Burning Palo Santo


Group sessions with max. 9 participants are facilitated by a professional team to ensure safety, individual attention and care. 

Retreats are led by Nic Burnand and Sarah Dekker, both certified CNVC trainers and IFS Practitioners and supported by experienced assistants.

Image by Ella Olsson


Expect tasty, fresh, organic and vegetarian meals, lovingly prepared for you by our team.

On the psilocybin ceremony day, there will be an element of fasting and feasting.

Book your spot!


  • €1001-€1250 supports our sustainability and growth as well as making it possible for us to do pro-bono work for those with less access to resources.

  • €846-€1000 would support us to keep our work sustainable, offer us some expendable income.

  • €845 is the bare minimum that we need to receive in order to cover the costs of the retreat.


"Nic and Sarah went above and beyond in making the retreat feel comfortable and safe. Really well-thought activities, lovely facilities, really tasty food and very caring facilitators."


"I am feeling very grateful for having participated in this weekend retreat.
From the moment of arrival until departure there was so much quiet care for each participant individually and for the whole group. It felt as if I entered a cocoon of space, warmth and unconditional love. There was a subtlety and delicacy and lots of joy in how Sarah and Nik dealt with the preparation of the journey, the journey itself and going home again.
I experienced so much awareness, clarity, tenderness and joy throughout the whole process that made it possible for me to totally surrender to the medicine and fully trust."


"Nic and Sarah consistently make wonderful retreats happen. I have joined 3 of them and will keep doing that. Recently I was at their Psychedelic Truffle weekend with amazing food, a nice venue and a good atmosphere.

With their wide experience and knowledge of NVC, IFS and overall human kindness, I have learned a lot about myself and had the opportunity to take that to my everyday life (which is still hard to do). Their attention to detail and cleanliness inspire me to also take care of my surroundings. The music they played was beautiful and served the journey well. It would have been great to have more togetherness in singing & making music. But from what I hear this is certainly planned! Yay".


Safety and Professionalism

Your emotional, psychological, and physical safety is our priority. At Compassionate Self, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism throughout your psilocybin truffle therapy journey. Here's how we ensure your well-being:

  1. Guild of Guides Membership As active members of the Guild of Guides, we adhere to strict ethical guidelines and participate in regular peer supervision. This ensures that we maintain a high level of professional competency and accountability.

  2. First Aid Training Our team has completed first aid training to ensure that we are prepared to handle any unexpected situations that may arise during the session. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us.

  3. Safe Location We provide a safe and comfortable environment for your psilocybin truffle therapy session. Our therapy space is designed to promote relaxation, introspection, and emotional healing, allowing you to fully engage in your transformative experience.

  4. Holistic Training Our facilitators are experienced and well-versed in the therapeutic potential of psilocybin truffles. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to guide you through your session in a safe and supportive manner.

  5. Dedicated Care We approach each participant with empathy, compassion, and personalized care. Our facilitators are committed to creating a trusting and non-judgmental space where you can explore your inner landscape and navigate your healing journey with support and guidance. 

  6. Suitability Screening Process Before your session, we conduct a thorough suitability screening process to ensure that participating in a psilocybin group retreat is appropriate for you. This includes assessing your medical history, current medications, and psychological well-being to ensure your safety and optimize the therapeutic potential of the session.

  7. Safety Protocols We have established comprehensive safety protocols to mitigate any potential risks and ensure a safe and controlled retreat environment. These protocols are designed to provide you with a sense of security and well-being throughout the entire process.

Sitting by Campfire

Individual Packages

Would you prefer to experience this on your own rather than in a group?

Have a look at our packages for individuals...

These are tailor-made to suit your personal needs and offer more one-on-one therapeutic coaching and guidance.

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