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Discover the powerful combination of NVC & IFS Therapy
  • Shift how you respond to situations and experience greater ease, lightness and freedom in your life.

  • Make choices from a position of Self-leadership, acting in a way that is more in alignment with who you truly are.

  • ​Gain a better understanding of why you have certain behaviour patterns in your life and find new strategies that better serve you.

How can this coaching support you?


This coaching is supportive for working with building a sense of self-esteem, perfectionism, procrastination, relationship problems, people-pleasing, grief, anger, depression, eating issues, addictions, shyness, transforming your inner critic.

We can also help with a difficult conversation you are facing, or simply be an empathic presence as you share. This can bring greater clarity around an issue.

Your coaches


Both Sarah and Nic are certified NVC trainers and have completed IFS Practitioner training.   

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free coaching session?

The first week of each month, we do a random drawing from those who sign up to the list below!

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