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Private Psychedelic Journeys

Discover Personal Transformation through Guided Individual Psychedelic Journeys

If you are reading this we imagine you've heard about how working with psychedelics can be supportive for healing, transformation and personal growth.

At Compassionate Self, we offer bespoke individual psilocybin truffle sessions designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore the profound benefits of psilocybin containing truffles.

What to Expect in an Individual Psychedelic Session

Our individual psychedelic sessions are carefully crafted to provide a holistic

and personalized approach to your healing journey. With the use of psilocybin truffles,

a natural and scientifically studied psychedelic, we guide you through a transformative experience.

Here's what you can expect during your session:

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Prior to your session, we work closely with you to ensure you are well-prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. We provide guidance on intention-setting, integration of any necessary lifestyle adjustments, and answer any questions you may have.

We offer support to organise logistics.

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The Session

Once you are ready, you will be guided by our experienced facilitator through the psilocybin truffle experience.

In a safe and comforting setting, you will explore the depths of your consciousness, allowing the truffles to facilitate deep insights, emotional release, and personal transformation.

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After the session, we recognize the importance of integration. Our therapist will help you process and integrate the insights and experiences gained during the session into your daily life. We offer guidance, techniques, and resources to support your ongoing growth and transformation.

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Package for Individuals

 Get the best out of your journey into the subconscious in a private retreat tailored to you.

Your investment: €950
Hugging by the Beach

Package for Two

Our journeys for two are an opportunity for you to connect with yourself as well as deepen your relationship with a special person in your life. This could be your partner, a family member or a close friend.

Your investment: €1750




"It felt as if I entered a cocoon of space, warmth and unconditional love. I experienced so much awareness, clarity, tenderness and joy throughout the whole process that made it possible for me to totally surrender to the medicine and fully trust."

Image by Brittani Burns


I am not sure how, but Nic and Sarah were present with me throughout my trip in a way that they weren't interfering with my process, but still there by my side whenever I needed them, offering a safe presence that allowed me to relax.

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This journey was a complete reset in the midst of a very difficult time in my life. I am so grateful for the support Sarah & Nic provided. Working with my parts was a game changer. It was an inward journey and nothing I experienced was lost in translation. I worked with every intention and came out of the journey with all my needs being fulfilled.

Why work with us?

At our core, we believe in the power of human connection. We approach our work with you as both professionals and fellow human beings. Our priority is to offer a personalized and supportive experience that adapts to your unique needs.

As practitioners, we have dedicated years to our own inner process work, which has equipped us with the ability to hold space for even the most intense experiences. We have experienced the depths of emotions such as grief, fear, rage, joy, bliss, and love, and have developed a capacity to meet our clients wherever they are on their journey.

Our commitment to creating a safe and regulated space allows us to be the steady support system you need to navigate the transformative process. Our goal is to help you remove the barriers that prevent you from living a joyful and fulfilling life.


If you're ready to take the next step in your journey towards personal growth and healing, we would be honored to work with you. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our approach and how we can support you.

Safety & Professionalism

Your well-being is our top priority. We are trained and experienced in guiding psychedelic journeys, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the session. We adhere to strict safety protocols and provide continuous support, ensuring you feel secure and cared for during your psychedelic experience.

Four Elements to Support Your Psychedelic Journey

At Compassionate Self, we believe in providing a comprehensive and supportive framework for your psychedelic-assisted journeys. We incorporate four key elements that work synergistically to enhance your experience and facilitate deep healing and transformation.

Together, these four elements form a comprehensive framework that supports your psychedelic-assisted journey, fostering self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. We will guide you through these elements with care and expertise, ensuring a safe and transformative experience.

Breathwork to Soothe the Nervous System

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We integrate breathwork techniques to help soothe and regulate your nervous system. Conscious and intentional breathing exercises are used to create a calm and grounded state, promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and enhancing your ability to connect with the psychedelic experience. By harnessing the power of the breath, we create a foundation of safety and support for your journey.

Ritual to Prepare and Set Intention

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Ritual plays a vital role in preparing for a psychedelic-assisted journey. We incorporate ritual practices to create a sacred space, honoring the profound nature of the experience. Through intentional rituals, we help you connect with your intentions, set the tone for your journey, and invoke a sense of reverence and purpose. Rituals act as a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary, enhancing the depth and significance of your psychedelic journey

Internal Family Systems to Navigate the Psyche

Image by Iulia Mihailov

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful therapeutic approach that helps navigate the complexities of the psyche. We utilize IFS techniques to explore and engage with different parts of your inner landscape, allowing for deeper self-awareness, integration, and healing. This gentle and compassionate method supports you in understanding and transforming the dynamics within your internal system, leading to greater harmony and well-being.

Trauma Work with the Body

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We recognize that trauma can be held in the body, and integrating body-based approaches is essential for holistic healing. Our approach includes trauma work utilizing breath, movement, tremoring, and touch. These techniques allow for the release of stored tension, unresolved emotions, and trauma held within the body, fostering deep healing and restoration. By addressing the somatic aspects of your experience, we facilitate a more integrated and transformative journey.

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Our Journey

Hello! We're Nic and Sarah, and we are deeply committed to supporting others on their journey of healing, personal growth, and rediscovery of their true selves.

We understand firsthand the weight of feeling stressed, tense, depressed, addicted, and in conflict with others. We have walked that path, and we know the immense burden it can be. However, through our own transformative experiences, we have found a path to overcome these challenges and move towards a life filled with compassion, courage, clarity, and presence.

Our unique approach combines the power of Psychedelics, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, and Breathwork. These modalities have been instrumental in our own personal transformations, allowing us to break free from deeply ingrained patterns that once held us back. While we acknowledge that life is not always easy, we now feel empowered to face challenges with grace and gratitude, embracing the transformative potential within every moment.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves to experience a life filled with joy, meaning, and authenticity. It is our passionate mission to share our knowledge and provide guidance to those who are seeking self-discovery and healing. We are here to support you as you embark on your own unique journey towards wholeness.

If you're ready to explore our approach or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be honored to walk alongside you on your path of transformation.

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Biodynamic Breathwork session

Embark on a transformative journey toward healing and personal growth. To book an individual psychedelic therapy session or to learn more about our services, please contact us today.


Our compassionate team is here to guide you towards a more fulfilled and authentic life.

Psychedelic Truffle Group Program

Would you prefer to join us for a weekend retreat?

Share the experience and journey with a small group of 9 participants. Includes 2 nights of accommodation, breathwork and coaching sessions.

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