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2022 NVC Practice Groups with Compassionate Self

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

"The NVC practice group is a space where I can truly be held in whatever I am feeling on that day, be it joy or pain. The result of this is a sense of peace and safety in a community of like minded people, and a celebration in giving the same to others." ~ Bronwyn Ellis (South Africa)

We welcome 2022 and all the growing and learning to unfold this year!

We're excited to announce we are offering five NVC Practice Groups in 2022. These will occur every other month, starting in February 2022 (except for December 2022). These are facilitated by one of our long term students, Jacqueline du Plessis (who is also on the Compassionate Self team). We would love to invite you to join these monthly cycles as a safe space to practice and continue your journey of compassionate communication and refining your empathic listening skills (inside and out).

"l started this practice group not knowing who the other participants were. I was feeling apprehensive and anxious about it. At the end of every session l felt positively transformed as my needs of connection, empathy and learning were met. I now feel more confident and excited about our next practice sessions." ~ Sonia (Switzerland)

PS: Jacqueline wrote a poem about NVC practice groups, which you can read below.

A Place To Practice

This is a place

to practice

To be,

and feel

Exactly how you feel.

To bring your jackals,

Your judgments,

Your pain,

Your anger,

Your sadness,

Your hurt,

Your pain.

Come and connect

Come and share

Come and feel the healing

Come and feel the shifts

The gratitude

That comes from being seen,

Being heard.

Receiving empathy,




Come and practice!

Because practice is where we begin to grow.

Where we gain strength

Where we gain hope

Where we look

and see the humanity of another

and connect with our humanity

And at times

Get a glimpse of divinity

And feel like we're home.

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