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Accompanying you on your journey of personal evolution

 Feel at home in yourself & in the world
Live with joy & ease
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There were times when life was a drag and unfulfilling, and we were just trying to make it through the same old routines. Sarah had burnout, Nic struggled with addictions. Relationships were hard.

Now that life is so much easier to navigate for us, more meaningful and joyful, we are excited to share with you how we got there!

Sarah Dekker & Nic Burnand
Certified CNVC Trainers & IFS Practitioners

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Handle difficult conversations.  Shift how you listen to yourself and others. Get to clarity, understanding and meaningful connection.


Deepen your sense of self-awareness as a sentient being. Fall in love with life all over again as you become present to what's here, now.


Shift limiting patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Learn to navigate your inner landscape. Come home to yourself. Lead from the heart.

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Our vision

We envision a world where all people have easy access to safe spaces where they can grow, heal and be nourished by connection. 

Relax, breathe and come home to yourself.

Our workshops, coaching and retreats incorporate the most powerful methodologies we have found to support individuals to heal their wounds from the past and awaken to the life force that flows through them.

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What People Say


Mindfulness Facilitator & Coach

Sarah embodies the principles of Nonviolent Communication and this flows seamlessly into her role as teacher.  As a student, I felt safe and challenged simultaneously.  I loved the feeling and have been inspired to learn and grow more.  Thank you.


Director at Charlton PPMS

I’m writing to show my appreciation and gratitude. A spiritual guide, a conscientious and natural leader, with a heart as big as the world. A course worth the time and effort. Visionary and couldn’t ask for a better teacher.


Marketing & Creative Director

My life is so different today because of the retreat with  Nic and Sarah. It taught me how to meet myself in a place of self-empathy, no matter what the circumstances or the environment.  I feel empowered to be fully myself. Authentic in each moment that presents itself.

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